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Vegetable & Salad Week

Posted on by simon_m

Starting on Monday 21st July we held a vegetable and salad week at Holy Trinity School with an emphasis on promoting healthy eating.
Each day we offered a different salad or vegetable to have on the side of the plate with a dip. We included information about the item and fun facts as well as pictures.
We offered Carrot sticks with Hummus, Courgette batons with Creamy Pesto, Celery sticks with Marie rose sauce, Red Peppers with Salsa and Cucumber sticks with minted Yoghurt.
We offered dips to try and make the vegetables more appealing to the children. It certainly made a difference and the children were always keen to try what we had on offer.

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World Book Day

Posted on by simon_m

On Thursday 3rd of March we celebrated world book day by providing a themed menu.
Staff helped to decorate the dining hall with lots of posters and balloons and the children all dressed up in famous characters from the world of literacy.
Our menu included Bangers and Mash from ‘Harry Potter’, Broccoli Quiche from ‘Peter Rabbit’, Giant mushrooms from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a Tropical Mud Cake inspired by ‘Peter Pan’

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Chinese New Year

Posted on by simon_m

On February 8th we celebrated Chinese New Year at Holy Trinity School by holding a themed menu.

The Children were offered a main of Chicken Stir Fry or Vegetable Chow Mein with Sweet & Sour Sauce. Meals came with Prawn Crackers, Vegetable Spring Rolls and Egg Fried Rice.

We put information up in the Cafeteria about the Chinese new year, maps, flags and a language translation so that Children could say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in Mandarin.

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Locally Sourced Free range meat

Posted on by simon_m

We have recently started using a new fresh meat supplier.
Hodgehill butchers provide us with free range locally sourced meat from Worcestershire.
So far the children at Holy Trinity school have been very impressed with the tender gammon roast and succulent Cajun marinated chicken.

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New menus at Holy Trinity School

Posted on by simon_m

This School year has seen a change in menus at our contracted school.
New dishes include Salmon fishcakes, Chicken Tikka Masala and chilli Con Carne with homemade Nachos. (Take a look on our ‘School Food’ section for our example menus.
Our dishes are cooked in house from scratch using fresh Meat and Vegetables.
We always offer a choice of two fresh vegetables, a carbohydrate side and a protein product to ensure the right balance of nutrients are available.
We also offer a salad & deli bar which now includes a selection of pasta pots for any children on the go at lunchtime.
Take up for lunches has increased from last year. That combined with the universal free school meals for key stage 1 means we are serving up to 300 meals on busy days.

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St Patrick’s theme day

Posted on by simon_m

On Tuesday March 17th, we held a food themed day to celebrate St Patrick’s day at Holy Trinity School. Some of the children wore green clothing and information was spread around the cafeteria explaining why St Patrick’s day is celebrated.

The menu consisted of Irish Stew, Green pasta twists and Potato cakes. The menu was well received and gave children the chance to experience foods that they hadn’t previously tried.

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Government Guidelines for healthy eating

Posted on by simon_m

As of January 2015, Holy Trinity being a free school has to follow the new food standards.
Menus were ammended to fit in with these guidelines.
We have added more oily fish to the menu including fresh salmon fillets.
We have added more wholegrain options to the menu.
We have added more non meat protein products such as quorn pieces and soya mince.

The new healthier guidelines also mean that we are no longer selling cakes from our tuck shop but instead items such as packs of raisins and fruit pots.

The children have taken to the new menus well and enjoy their bacon sandwiches from the tuck shop on a Friday as a special treat.

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New Menus at Holy Trinity School

Posted on by simon_m

A new school year means new menus at our contracted school

The school is now classed as a government free school and our numbers have nearly doubled due to this and the fact that the younger years are now entiltled to free school dinners.

We have kept our menus varied and with a mix of healthy food and familiar dishes that children have at home.

Have a look in our menu section for an example of our menus.

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American Thanks giving theme day Nov 28th

Posted on by simon_m

On Thursday November 28th we held an American thanks giving theme day for the children of holy trinity school. We included a full roast Turkey meal with stuffing, Pumpkin soup and Mississippi mud pie.

We included information about why the day is celebrated to help educate the children, who also wore hats with American flags on.

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Healthy eating in young children

Posted on by simon_m

On Friday the 14th we spoke to a year 4 class at Holy Trinity School about the importance of healthy eating.

They had been learning about nutrients in previous classes, so their knowledge of the importance of how each nutrient can affect you was very impressive. At the end of the lesson they all promised to eat their vegetables from now on.

We will be looking to speak to other classes in the future as we believe a healthy, balanced diet for children is very important.

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