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Encouraging sustainable food sourcing

Our Ethos

At MiQuill Catering we strive to do our bit to help the environment by using locally sourced suppliers where possible helping to create a lower carbon footprint count, and we only use sustainable meat and fish.

We care about every aspect of the service we provide and using highly experienced chefs we always make sure the food provided is of a high quality. We use Hodgehill Butchery for meat who use locally reared, free range animals, and Worcester Produce for local fresh fruit and vegetables.

Environmental Health & Waste Management

We have thorough due diligence and have received 5 star food hygiene ratings on every visit at our establishments; all our staff are food hygiene trained. We minimise our waste through effective recycling and compost waste, and work with food banks to ensure any leftover food or produce isn’t wasted.

Healthy eating and education

All our menus are carefully selected to fall in line with Government legislation on healthy eating in schools. To really encourage healthy eating we provide presentations in lessons to educate children on the importance of nutrition. As well as preparing the food we talk to children in the dining hall and encourage healthy eating with sticker rewards.

Making a difference through theme days

We hold regular theme days to educate children about foods from around the world. Children get the chance to try unfamiliar foods as well as learn about other cultures through posters in the dining hall. See a theme day example on our menu page.

More Information

Hodgehill – Butchery Store Worcester Produce – Website

Children & Food

Miquill Catering is one of the very few catering companies that understand the importance of teaching young children about healthy eating. By providing themes such as "Potato Week", we encourage healthy eating. We look to educate as well as supply the food for children. Incorporating regular theme days into our school menus gives us a chance to teach Children about food from other countries.