About us

We’re an independent company that takes pride in offering tailored catering services to schools.

Our story began in 2009 out of a passion for food, and this passion still lies at the heart of everything that we do.

We take pride in providing delicious, nutritious meals and warm hospitality to our young customers.

Our primary goal?

Building genuine, positive partnerships with every school we serve. We specialise in catering to schools seeking a personalised touch. Currently, we’re proud to serve more than 150 schools, maintaining an ideal balance between attentive care and the necessary resources to provide our school catering services

Our commitment to excellence in school catering, food, safety, sustainability, and education is the foundation of our identity.

Our values and ethos form the foundation of everything we do

We respect our valued customers, dedicated staff, vibrant communities and the environment.

We’re committed to growth, innovation and taking responsibility for our actions, whether it’s celebrating achievements or promptly tackling challenges.

Now, let’s talk about food! It’s at the
core of our identity and we’re committed to spreading the happiness and benefits it brings!

Eating a well-balanced diet supports well-being and lays foundations for a healthy future.

We recognise this importance, which is why we’re dedicated to serving fresh, high-quality meals prepared in our kitchens.

We are driven by a love for food and dedication to promoting healthy eating.

What sets us apart

Our teams cook with passion and care and serve with warm smiles to make sure our young customer enjoy their lunch with us.

We’re more than just a catering company; we’re friendly partners in providing nourishing school dining experiences.