Partnership and Teamwork

Our Team

We value the opportunity to build genuine relationships with our clients. To us, clients are never just a number; they receive personalised services, direct communication, and our undivided attention.

This same approach extends to our valued employees. We believe in working together, not against each other.

At the heart of it all is respect. We hold deep respect for our employees, customers, and clients, fostering a culture of collaboration and understanding.

It’s the base of how we operate, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued.

Our Team: The Heart of Miquill

We invest heavily in our staff, striving to enhance their skills. Our team members are trained not only in the art of creating delicious dishes but also in critical areas like health and safety, food hygiene, allergen management, and customer service. Schools, parents, and children can have complete confidence that our food is not only tasty and nutritious but also safe to eat.

At the core of Miquill’s success is our remarkable team. We firmly believe that happy staff translates to happy customers. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our staff and ensuring that Miquill is an exceptional place to work.

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Safety and Expertise

Comprehensive staff training in health and safety, food hygiene, allergen management and customer service ensures that food is not only delicious but also safe to consume.

Skilled and Inspirational Chefs

Miquill’s highly skilled chefs not only prepare great food but also educate students about making informed food choices, fostering a culture of healthier eating.

Collaboration and Respect: Building Meaningful Connections